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Keyframe Animation Reel

(Scroll down for MoCap)
Keyframe Shot Breakdown

Reel with hand keyed animation (no motion capture).  Includes animations from 'Destiny', 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' and 'Halo 4'. Also has a couple of shots from a recent iAnimate course.


Responsible for all animation using Autodesk Maya.


0:02 - "Meaning of the Word Fear". Acting/dialogue shot from iAnimate class.
0:09 - "Opportunity". Acting/dialogue shot from iAnimate class.
0:16 - Quadruped walk.
0:22 - Halo Elite walk cycle.
0:26 - Halo 4 Saw weapon ready, fire, reload.
0:32 - Call of Duty 'XMG' weapon fire, reload and camera.
0:41-0:58 - From 'Destiny' Game: Hive, Cabal and player hit reactions.


Rigs provided by 343 Industries, Bungie, Sledgehammer Games, Animation Mentor and iAnimate.

Motion Capture Shot Breakdown

Reel showing only Motion Capture cleanup. Includes animations from 'Rise of the Tomb Raider', 'Destiny' and 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare'.

Responsible for all animation using Autodesk Maya.


0:02 - Team of guardians spawning. Also responsible for layout and timing.
0:11 - Destiny character walk-in and gun play.
0:16 - Destiny female Idle pose to sit.
0:21 - Player dance animation.
0:36 - Lara Croft Wall smash.
0:39 - Lara Croft Climb.
0:44 - Call of Duty multi-player lobby idle animations.


Rigs provided by Bungie, Sledgehammer Games and Crystal Dynamics.


Red 5 Studios

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